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Fed up with the endless search for a long-term RV park that checks all the boxes, including an onsite Laundry Facility?
Look no further – Country Home Estates has got your back!

Country Home Estates Laundry Facility

RVers, brace yourselves for Some Fantastic News

Our park now boasts an active onsite Laundry facility, complete with a refreshing Shower option and Wi-Fi availability. Yes, you heard it right – we're stepping up the game!

Country Home Estates Laundry Facility 6

Things to Keep in Mind Before Using Our Laundry Facilities:

  • All machines here in our park are coin-operated.

  • The washers should be used with cold water only. If hot water is selected, it will not fill the washer tank. 

  • Washers and dryers should use an appropriate amount of clothes for each cycle.

  • To enter laundry facilities, a code will be necessary at the electronic door - The door should be closed and locked upon exiting the laundry facility. Shoot us a text or email for access.


  • Washers and dryers are $2 each per cycle.

  • Coin-operated shower is available for $1 = 5 minutes for hot and cold water.

Active Hours: Facilities are open from 7 AM to 10 PM!

Wi-Fi Availability: Wi-Fi is available in the laundry facility. Contact our onsite park host for necessary information.

Country Home Estates Laundry Facility 2
Country Home Estates Laundry Facility 1

Notice Board:

Trash cans are available for lent and laundry debris. Please keep an eye on the dry-erase board that is located in the laundry facility. There will be news, updates, and incentive programs that may be changed at any time. 

Other general courtesies should be utilized to keep all guests happy with the facilities. 

Final Words

Please go through our laundry facility agreement to understand the park rules better. It's essential for your safety and to cultivate a respectful community atmosphere.

Lastly, a heartfelt thank you to all those who have already chosen our long-term RV park as their home away from home. 

And we're thrilled to extend a warm welcome to new RVers, inviting you to join our vibrant, safe, and nature-friendly community.

Experience the best of both worlds with city-like amenities in a tranquil setting. To see our RV Park's latest images, visit our Gallery Page, and you can check our Park's Rules to learn more about the park as well.

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