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Park Rules & Regulations

Table of Contents


Please read the Rules and Regulations carefully and keep them on hand as they constitute a binding agreement between you and the Park Management. The Park Innkeeper reserves the right to modify the rules at any time as needed to benefit the park with or without prior notice.



A. Only one (1) RV may be placed on each RV Lot.

B. Only fully self-contained trailers and motorhomes are accepted. No tents or truck-campers permitted without park approval.

C. Each RV entering the park must be in good condition. There is no year limit, however each RV shall have:

- Clean exterior. No missing or broken trim, doors, lights, or glass. No nonstandard writing on the RV.

- No window unit air conditioning. No foil on windows. No tarps or covers.



A. Each lot’s parking area accommodates two (2) vehicles maximum.

B. All vehicles need current registration. All large/commercial vehicles must be approved by Park Management.

C. Guests are not allowed to perform mechanic work on vehicles or wash vehicles at the park.

D. No boats or trailers are allowed inside of the lots or in the parking spaces.

E. Parking in a vacant lot or in a neighbor’s lot is prohibited.

F. Speed limit must not exceed 10 MPH inside the park and all signs posted by Park Management must be obeyed.

G. Motorcycles are allowed but must be parked inside the lots or in the parking spaces.

H. No off-road vehicles are allowed, and no off-road driving of any kind is allowed. 

I. Any vehicle parked illegally is subject to being towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.



A. Guests are personally responsible for the actions and conduct of their guests.

B. No guest may stay more than seven (7) days unless approved by the Park Innkeeper.

C. If the persons staying at the lodging establishment will not be present, then no guest(s) may occupy or use the person's Recreational Vehicle or lot without the park innkeeper's consent.

D. Parents are responsible for the whereabouts, safety, and conduct of their children at all times.



A. Park Management may enter a Recreational Vehicle without the prior written consent of a guest in the case of an emergency or when a guest has abandoned the Recreational Vehicle.

B. Park Management and/or repairmen may enter a guest's lot at any time to perform maintenance or repairs.



A. The Park is breed restricted and no aggressive breeds are allowed on the property. These aggressive breeds include but are not limited to, Pitbulls, Pitbull mixes, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, etc. No livestock or farm animals are allowed. Please provide service animal documentation, if necessary.  

B. Pets are not allowed outside of the lots without a leash.

C. There will be no excessive barking, or animal noises, allowed at any time. Each lot has a maximum of 2 dogs only.

D. Each guest is responsible to pick up their own pet(s) droppings immediately.


Any guest who does not pick up after their pet properly will be in violation of the Park Rules and may be asked to leave, remove the pet, or pay a $100 fee. If an accident occurs with a pet, the pet owner will claim full responsibility and the park will not be held accountable.

E. All stakes, dog leads, or chains must be put up close to the RV when not in use.

F. Do not walk your pets on any vacant or occupied RV lots.

G. Do not feed your pets outside of your RV.

7. Standards for Accessory Equipment and Structures

Conditions for specific equipment and structures are as follows:

A. Cabanas- The installation of any cabana or permanent building on the property is strictly prohibited.

B. Porches- Steps and porches may be installed but must be constructed under a permit and meet the appropriate governmental building codes. Steps must have approved handrails, as required by law. The supports must not be anchored into the ground.

C. Antennas and Satellite Dishes- Satellite dishes must be mounted on the RV or ground tripod. No in-ground installation of satellite dishes/antennas. Antennas and satellite dishes are also not allowed to be mounted to fences, storage units or trees.

D. Sunshades, Windscreens, and Privacy Screens- No tarps, windscreens, or privacy enclosures are allowed to be hung on the gates or the fences.

E. Clotheslines- Clotheslines are not permitted on the property.

F. Carport Awnings/Coverings- No awnings or coverings are allowed without prior approval from management.

G. Firepits and Grills- Self-contained firepits and grills are allowed, however, guests must exercise caution in both the placement and use. Please follow the Town of Luther fire restrictions accordingly.

H. Water Spickets- Turn off water when away for more than 24 hours. Heated hoses are required during winter months (November to April). Insulated water spicket covers are required during winter months (November to April).

I. Heaters- Only propane heaters are allowed. No electric heaters are to be used other than those manufactured by your RV. A $100 fee will be issued for each electrical heater in use.

J. Fencing & Fence Material- All fencing must be approved by management prior to installation. Fencing higher than 4' is prohibited. Fencing material should consist of that which is temporary and easily removable. Fencing with t-posts and metal must be approved by management. If you're interested in privacy fencing please send a request to


It is each guest's responsibility to remove any accessory equipment/structure that they install on the property upon the guest's departure.


A. Lots- Each guest is responsible for the maintenance and appearance of their private lot and recreational vehicle. This includes maintenance of weedeating and mowing 10' around the perimeter of your RV. Weedeater can be provided for checkout. Contact park host for a 1 hour complimentary rental of community weedeater. The lots must always be kept free of weeds, trash, and debris. Costs for the repair of damage to lots caused by guests will be at the expense of the guest. General Mowing & Weedeating of the park as a whole is to be covered by park maintenance.

B. Landscaping- Park Management will provide mowing service at the Innkeeper's discretion. Lots must be kept free of any obstructions while a lot is being mowed. Guests may not plant any tree or shrub in the ground without the approval of Park Management. The existing drainage pattern and grading of the premises may not be changed or altered in any way.

C. Storage- Storage of any unsightly items beneath, behind or on the outside of the RV is prohibited. 8x8 Storage Sheds may be rented from the Park Manager for an additional $75/month.

D. Dangerous Materials- Anything which creates a threat to health and safety shall not be permitted on the property. No flammable, combustible, or explosive fluid, material, chemical, or substances may be stored on the premises. (Except those customarily used for normal household purposes, which must be properly stored within the RV and/or storage building.) Spray painting is not permitted anywhere in the park.

E. Damage- To avoid damage to underground utility lines such as water, irrigation, sewer, and electric, guests are prohibited from any digging or driving rods/stakes into the ground. Please keep this in mind when fencing your area after approval.


If the exterior of the RV or any of its accessory equipment/structures/appliances, the vehicle used to pull the RV or the premises are damaged, the damage must be repaired or replaced within thirty (30) days. Guests will be required to make restitution at their sole cost and expense for destroying/damaging any part of the community or other guest's property.

F. The Park Management shall provide utility hook-ups to the lots for sewer, water, and electrical service. Guests shall not make any alterations to the electric, water or sewer connections provided.

G. If any utility service provided is interrupted for a reason beyond the Park Management’s control such as an accident, repairs, alterations, or power outages, the Park Management shall not be liable for any costs. - There is a 1000 Kwh electrical allowance if the Park pays guest utilities. This covers about $140.00 of your electrical bill. We ask that if you exceed 1000 Kwh that you pay the difference. We will send you your bill if you do exceed the 1000 Kwh. This provides transparency as we do not make any profit in the case of electrical overage.


H. Garbage and Trash Disposal- Garbage must be placed in plastic trash bags and kept inside of the RV until deposited in the trash can. Cans must be placed at the back of the RV and rolled out to the front of the lot at roadside only on collection day (Monday). RV lots 8-13 must roll can to Hogback Rd/Main St. near mailboxes.

Trash cans must be placed at back of RV within 24 hours of trash pickup.

Sanitary and health laws must always be obeyed. Combustible, noxious, or hazardous materials should be removed from the property and not placed in dumpsters. Lids on the cans are to be kept closed. Trash items must not be left outside of the cans.

Bringing trash from outside the property to dump in the park’s dumpsters or trash cans is not permitted. Construction debris and bulky items such as mattresses and appliances are not to be disposed of anywhere on site.




A. These facilities can be closed from time to time at Park Management’s discretion for any cleaning or repairs.

B. Washers, dryers, and all other laundry facilities are to be cleaned by the guest, inside and out, immediately after use. Clothes are to be removed from dryers as soon as they are dry. Washers are cold water use only. Washer will not fill if hot water buttons are pressed. No exceptions will be made if hot water settings are used. 

C. Dyes and bleaches may not be used in any of the washers at any time.

D. No pets inside of the laundry facilities.

E. The washers and dryers are not to be used for pet laundry at any time.

F. No glassware may be taken into the laundry or amenity areas. Smoking is not permitted in the laundry mat and other enclosed areas of the park’s common facilities.

G. Radios, CD players, boom boxes, televisions, and other such entertainment devices are not permitted in the laundry mat or amenity areas of the park unless used with earbuds or headphones.

H. Park Management shall not be responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal property left unattended at the laundry mat or amenity area.

I. Propane wall heater is to NEVER be used or touched by guests. Please use caution when the heater is on as it will be extremely hot to the touch.

J. All guests need to agree that any injuries or damage to personal property that occur are not the responsibility of park management or ownership. Owners will take on no amount of liability if incidents occur.

K. Cameras and video recording are in full effect 100% of the time in and around laundry facilities.



A. Ownership and Innkeeper will be held free from all liability imposed by law for the injury of people or damages to property.

B. After guest departure, ownership and the Innkeeper will not be responsible for any items or equipment left behind.

C. Ownership will do no sort of refund once the calendar month has been paid for. We are a month-to-month park ONLY and you pay a one-month charge at a time to stay. Guests acknowledge that Country Home Estates is a Month-to-Month, or up to one month, RV Park, and a charge is paid for the duration of up to one month's stay. If the guest decides to vacate before the allotted duration of stay no refund will be given. No Exceptions.

C. Quiet Time shall be observed in the community between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am. During this time no loud music or loud noises will be tolerated.

D. All firearms shall be kept in compliance with all applicable State and Federal Laws. No items are allowed that may be mistaken as a weapon. No fireworks or campfires are allowed anywhere on the property. 

E. All Problematic guests will be asked to leave immediately or the Town of Luther police office will be called immediately to assist. Respect your neighbors! They pay to be here just like you.



Park Management reserves the right to refuse use of premises to anyone and to have any guest removed with or without prior notice for violation of Rules & Regulations, stated here or published hereafter. Failure to comply with a demand to depart may result in a violation of trespassing laws and towing of a Recreational Vehicle at the guest's expense.

The owners and/or park management are not liable for R.V. towing expenses, or any secondary damage to the unit.

A. An innkeeper may eject a person from the lodging establishment premises for any of the following:
      1. Nonpayment of the lodging establishment charges for accommodations or services;
      2. The individual is disorderly or visibly intoxicated, so as to create a public nuisance;
    3. The innkeeper reasonably believes that the individual is using the premises for unlawful purposes including, but not      limited to, the unlawful use or possession of controlled substances or for the consumption of alcohol by any person        under the age of twenty-one (21) years in violation of any statute, ordinance or regulation;
      4. Violations of any federal, state, or local laws or regulations relating to the lodging establishment; or
     5. Violations of any rule of the lodging establishment which is posted in a conspicuous place and manner in the lodging establishment, however, no such rule may authorize the innkeeper to eject or to refuse or deny service or accommodations to a person because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, disability or marital status.

B. After an innkeeper informs a person that he or she is being ejected for a reason stated in subsection A of this section the person is now considered a trespasser and not a guest of the lodging establishment.

If the person fails to vacate the lodging establishment after being told of his or her ejection by the innkeeper, the person shall be removed from the lodging establishment by law enforcement for trespassing pursuant to Section 1835 of Title 21 of the Oklahoma Statutes.
Okla. Stat. tit. 15, § 508.

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